Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #70

Once again I have to postpone the promised 'after' pictures from my room makeover which I've been posting about all month. I have continued to work at the sorting projects every day this past week but in spite of huge progress in getting organized I've temporarily made things look worse so I haven't started taking after pictures.

Today I put in a five hour marathon sorting session, hoping to swing it around close enough to picture perfect. But I didn't make it and I could tell that I wasn't going to get there in time to prepare the pictures for a TT even if I could take them by noon tomorrow. Last week's TT pics on the process of putting the room back together after stripping it down to its bare bones took me about four hours to prepare.

So I've stooped once again to another list of LOL Author/Title combos from the eleven page list someone emailed me several years ago. We're only on page two now. I've got hundreds more of these to throw out in emergencies like this. Besides they are kinda fun.

Thirteen More LOL Author/Title Combos

1. Carpet Fitting: Walter Wall
2. Caulking Made Easy by Phil McKrevis
3. Chauvinistic Men by A. Lone
4. Cheaper than IBM: P.C. Clone
5. Cheating on His Wife: Izzy Backyet
6. Chest Pain by I. Coffalot
7. Chicago Gangs Of The '30's: Tommy Gunn
8. Chicken Dishes by Nora Drumsticks.
9. Children's Songbook: Skip Tumalu
10. Chinese Apathy: Hu Cares
11. Circle Perimeter: Sir Circumference
12. Classic Groceries: Chopin Liszt
13. Cloning by Irma Double II

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