Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #67

I had hoped to have this ready to post earlier in the day. Now it will probably be after midnight before I even have it ready to launch. When I realized last week that TT was going to fall on My Mother's birthday, I began to plan this. I couldn't bear to give up the idea but the project which was the subject of yesterday's post had to take priority. I couldn't afford the time for this until the room became unavailable when Ed went to bed.

Thirteen Pictures of My Mother, Maurine Myers Coon, born January 3, 1932. Happy Birthday Mom.

1. Maurine and twin, Margaret, about nine months. Held by Daddy's sister, Aunt Marie Myers.
2. Maurine as teenager, helping in the family's dairy barn.
3. Maurine and Margaret as high-shcool grads. Maurine is on the left.
4. This was the picture she gave to her sweetheart, my Daddy, after their engagement.
5. Teaching Home-Economics at Monticello Jr. High in Longview WA during the 1954-55 school year.
6. Maurine marries Richard Coon August 7, 1955. It was a double wedding for the twins.
7. Maurine holding first child. That's me. Spring of 58.
8. This is a picture of Maurine's parents with all six of their children and their mates and children as of November 59. Maurine is wearing the pleated plaid skirt and holding her second child, my brother Rob. Behind her is Richard, wearing a plaid jacket and holding Joy Renee, age 2, also wearing a plaid skirt with shoulder straps. Maurine made all three of these matching outfits. The plaid was red, white, black and gray. Mom was a talented seamstress and often designed the outfits she made and seldom made anything from a bought pattern without changing it significantly.

Margaret, standing three places to the right, is also holding an infant. Her first child, born August 8, 1959. Two days after Robbie. Yes, the twins had baby boys two days apart with their fourth wedding anniversary sandwiched between.
9. Another gathering of the Myers clan about 1965. Maurine is wearing the poke-a-dot blouse under a jumper, standing between her twin and her Father. This was the last time the entire clan was caught in one place. Only one of my cousins is missing in this picture. Margaret's youngest son was not born for another five years. Behind the twins are their husbands holding the girls born within a month of each other.
10. Maurine's family growing up. Joy Renee is about sixteen here.
11. Maurine and Richard with their ward Jamie whom they took in as a 14 year old some five years after their youngest had left home. Jamie is the sister-friend I often mention here.
12. Maurine holding her first grandchild. My brother's son, Jessie, who is an Army medic currently serving in Baghdad.
13. Maurine and her eldest Joy Renee, the only one of her children to have inherited the RP, AKA Tunnel Vision. Both of us are sporting black eyes we acquired the week of July 4, 1996. I got mine by smacking into a telephone pole while walking home from the fireworks the night of July 4th. I was paying more attention to Ed and our niece telling knock-knock jokes than I was of where we were. Mom got hers bending down to tuck her toddler grandson into his bed on the floor beside her bed and smacked into a desk on the way down.

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5 tell me a story:

Anonymous,  1/04/2008 5:29 AM  

What a lovely tribute to your Mom! I love the family pictures growing over the years.

Cindy Swanson 1/04/2008 7:02 AM  

Joy, I really enjoyed the pictures of your mom, especially since she and my mom are around the same age! What a lovely mother you have.

Ann 1/04/2008 8:49 AM  

Great pictures of your mom. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous,  1/04/2008 9:50 AM  

The black eyes are a hoot! What a rich life you have lived.

Anonymous,  1/04/2008 12:36 PM  

I love the pictures, especially the black eyes. You look good in it, very sort of swashbuckling. You and I are about the same age I see, as are our moms. Yours must be really pleased by this birthday tribute.

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