Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #65

Thirteen Things About the Book Store of My Dreams

1. The entrance on Burnside. I took this picture from across the street while waiting for the light. This is the Green room entrance (see #9)

2. It is located in downtown Portland OR
3. I was introduced to it in the early nineties.
4. The last time I visited it was in January 94
5. I just got to spend two hours in it Wednesday as part of my late birthday present from my brother's family.
6. It is so big you have to have a map to find things, including yourself.
7. I couldn't find the maps they used to have this time and I got lost.
8. But getting lost in a bookstore is the best kind of getting lost I can imagine.
9. Here was the map posted at nearly every turn around the store but I didn't see one until after I was already lost and they were never marked with a 'You are here' hence once lost I stayed lost until I happened to wander back into the Green Room through a different door from the one I wandered out through over an hour before. My sister-in-law and nieces had been looking for me for awhile. 10. Take a virtual tour of these rooms and see some photos taken inside the store.
Did I say it was BIG?
11. Powell's has an online store as well as several locations in the Portland area. Even so it is still an Independent bookseller. Powell's offers a partnership program providing 7.5% commission on the sale of any merchandise instigated by links from your web page.
12. Besides used and new books, they sell DVD and videos, magazines, novelty and gift items and more.
13. There is also a cafe where you can read or play board games over beverages and snacks.

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7 tell me a story:

Coco 12/21/2007 4:31 AM  

I'd be glad to get lost in a bookstore any day! :D

Susan Helene Gottfried 12/21/2007 4:58 AM  

I've had a partnership with them for a long time now, but have yet to make any money from it. (that's fine; any money will go back into giveaway prizes and stuff for you guys. It's not income.)

One day, I'll get to see the real place in person.

Anonymous,  12/21/2007 5:59 AM  

oh I LOVE bookstores like that!


Anonymous,  12/21/2007 8:05 AM  

Have you seen this one?

Anonymous,  12/21/2007 9:49 PM  

I could spend hours and hours (and lots of money) in a store like that!

Jeannine 12/22/2007 7:06 AM  

Many years back I lived in Mainz, Germany and there was a tiny, little bookshop that sold English books. I used to go there almost every day on my from school. It was never very organizes and you had to work your way through about 50 books before you found the one you wanted but I loved it. It also meant, that i was introduced to a lot of books that I otherwise never would have picked up. Wonder if it is still there...?
Merry Christmas!

Reyn 12/24/2007 2:39 PM  

I would not mind spending a day in that bookstore. It looks so fascinating!

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