Monday, December 10, 2007

Got mice?

This is Jean and Fay Coon my Dad's parents taken around the time of their marriage in the early 1900s. Definitely before WWI because Grandpa's hair is still pure black and he came home from the war with shell-shock induced shocks of white through it.

This is Jean and Fay around the time of my own parent's marriage in 1955. The picture was taken by their eldest son, my Uncle Dean who had his own photography business. Below is a scan of what my Grandmother wrote on the back. 'Richard's' indicating this was my Dad's copy. And 'Got any mice?' was a reference to a saying my Mom says was common 'back when'. Something about leaving a 'scary or weird' picture laying around to keep the mice away. Mom couldn't quite remember how it went but she immediately knew what Grandma meant. She said it was her way to be humorously self-derogatory.

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