Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cold Feets

I was planning to do my TT this evening after I got Ed's help downloading the pics I took of the snow this morning. I hadn't learned how to get them safely from the camera to the laptop yet. Ed walked me through it just a bit ago but now I'm just too tired to choose thirteen of the thirty odd pictures I took, prepare them and upload them and then prepare the post and then start the visiting. So I'm postponing until tomorrow. I leave you one teaser. This is Merlin trying to walk on the tips of the blades of grass. Or maybe he thinks inflating his tail will help him levitate.

The snow was mostly gone by noon today. But the forecast is for more overnight.

I spent the day reading a novel. The last time I did that was December 3rd my first day in Longview when I read Bridge to Terebithia in a single day. Today I finished Jodi Poucoult's The Tenth Circle having started it Monday evening. This was my first Poucoult and I'm sure to try more. I'm much too tired and bleary-eyed to review it now.

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