Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Family

Richard and Maurine Coon's family, 1970
Joy Renee age 12, Robert age 10 and Carrilee age 6

My last several posts have been focused on my Dad and his family. I want to do a similar series on my Mom and her family. I wasn't sure I was gong to get to this visit because Mom wasn't sure where the photos of her family were nor the photos of her own children's childhood. In a box somewhere in the rec room downstairs which had been rearranged umpteen times since the last time she had started working on making scrapbooks for each of us kids.

Well about three-thirty this morning I went down there to look around just to see if I could spot the boxes she described. I found one of them which contained many of her childhood, some of her grandparents and my baby pictures. It was a treasure trove which I haven't finished digging through so I'm not sure if my brother and sister's baby pics are in a different box or deeper in this one.

The reason I'd started with Dad's was because I'd been working with the pictures that had been used in a collage that was displayed at his memorial service two years ago.

I'm posting this picture as a segue into the one I'm preparing for my TT which will be thirteen of my baby pictures. I was hoping to post it today but it is taking me longer to scan, crop and resize. Not to mention choose!

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