Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Serenity #345

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A few of my favorite things all rolled up in one cute package: Nature, flowers, kittens.  How about kittens on a nature walk adoring the flowers?

Adorable what?

Ed and I have been talking a lot in our online chats about what is in each of our quality life pictures those three are high on both of our lists.  We talk about the things we want to do when we are back in our own home together again.  Among these are going on nature walks, growing a garden and having a beautiful yard and getting a couple of companions for our aging Merlin to entertain him and us.

But it is unlikely they will be a sibling pair like these cuties as Ed, who is a big guy, favors the big breeds like Maine Coons and I favor the smaller ones like the Abyssinian.  Our Gremlyn, whose death was the impetus for beginning these Sunday Serenity posts in 2007 was Abyssinian and was always mistaken for a 6 month old.  But it wasn't just the diminutive size that appealed to me.  It was her incredible range of vocalization, her bonding with me and the amazing level of empathy she exhibited.  And she was so smart and daring and fierce and funny.

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