Friday, July 12, 2013

Of Sleep and Stories and Technicolor Dreams

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I fiddled my day away again and forgot to post before lunch which my new early bird schedule requires.  Now it is bedtime again.  I don't know if it is just hard to shake the old habit of starting to think about my post after dinner or if I'm loosing interest in posting.  And as they say, if you the writer aren't enthused you aren't likely to keep your audience's attention.

The whole point of switching from night owl to early bird was to make time for writing but I seem to have switched my allegiance to reading.  Have read a lot written little of either my own stuff or reviews.  Just writing the reviews as I finish the books would give me two or three posts per week.

Besides reading lately my second favorite thing to do is dream--both daydreams and sleep dreams.  My night dreams are once again vivid, technicolor, complex stories.  And my daydreams find much fodder in them for contemplating.

This is a sign that my mood disorder is stabilizing again.  And it is also a sign that my own creative output may not be far off as I've often seen a correlation between it and having such dreams.  Especially when the daydreaming because nearly as intense.

These dreams have started making bedtime a thing to look forward to again for the first time in years.  I'm not only not avoiding sleep I'm longing for it.  Which is also making it harder to pop out of bed when the 8 hours are up.

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