Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Forays in Fiction: Quote

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I spent the afternoon reading blurbs for Henry James novels and quotes from his works today as I recently collected all of his novels into my ebook library.

I don't know which of his works that quote came from as it wasn't cited.  I wonder if it is from his The Art of Fiction which I had checked out of libraries a number of times over the years.  Want it for my ebook library but have yet to find a public domain copy.

I must leave my commentary at that as I'm on dinner duty with my Mom tonight and after that reading aloud to her from the last Mitford novel and after that my goodnight phone call with my husband and bed by 9pm.  I woke at 4am this morning.  Five mornings in a row now that I've been sitting at my computer by 5:30 AM.

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