Thursday, July 11, 2013

Moody Much?

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I just had a uber frustrating day.  It began when I lay down exhausted at 8:30 last night and then couldn't sleep.  It was another one of those nights where I saw the clock almost once an hour and felt unsure how much sleep I was getting in between.  Then when I saw it turn 5am I thought OK its time to get up.  But I closed my eyes again and next time I saw it it said 7.  So I spent over ten hours in bed and woke feeling sleep deprived.

Then one thing after another went wrong all morning and afternoon.

Most of it attributable to the fact the Internet was having issues ans with both my sister and nephew still asleep there was nothing I could do about it.  Opening emails took over a full minute.  Sending them took five.  When I tried to download a podcast that usually takes 6 minutes it registered at 6hrs and then climbed to 60 before I shut it down.

Then my computer started bugging me about updates and seeing they were primarily security issues I allowed them and the download and install took two hours but nearly half of the updates were unsuccessful due to an interruption in the connection I imagine.  But I had to do the restart before I could download and install the remainder but it was time to make Mom's lunch so it had to wait until after lunch.

My mood at that point was quite like that of the cat in the pic above.  It was obvious enough my sister inquired if I'd taken my meds.

So it was it was after 3 before I was able to start doing anything productive on my computer.  But before I started working on my post I needed to discuss dinner plans with my sister as it is her birthday and I'd offered to make dinner so she could go hang with friends.  But her friends were all unavailable so she asked if I'd still do it and I said of course.

And while we were talking about it I missed my husband's text as he got off work at 4:15.  So he said he'd try again when he got home and I figured that would be half an hour so I went to get the chicken in the over and the zucchini chopped and in the steamer.  But by the time I got back in here, Ed had tried again and then been called to dinner himself.  So I started working on this post.

The plan for the rest of the evening is to eat dinner with my mom and sister.  Then read to Mom--we left off on Saturday morning when she left for my brother's as she got home too late Tuesday and I was too tired last night.

Then about 8pm I will phone Ed via gmail and we'll chat while my night meds kick in.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day and productive enough to make up for this one.  Starting with a good sleep because I'm really seeing the connection between getting less than 7.5hrs and a mood that feels like a blistering sunburn.

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