Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunday Serenity #344

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Today was the closest thing to a day off I've had in months.  With my mom and sister both gone I've got duties only to myself and my projects and I gave myself the day to soak up the alone time, the privacy and to do what felt good or fun.

I spent several hours reading a novel.
I fixed metadata in my calibre ebook library--author, title, tags, blurbs, cover image--a task I find as soothing as a slitaire game
I text chatted with my sister
I text chatted and video chatted with my husband
I mixed up some honey mustard dressing according to the way my husband makes it for me but couldn't get it to taste or look right so after consultation with him during the vid chat I fiddled with it until I liked the way it looked and tasted.  Now I have a little homesick remedy to put on my salads.

Not so much in the fun and feel good category was the computer maintenance tasks:

Followed instructions for uninstalling old Java instals after the lasted one recommended it.
Emptied the Recycle Bin which held 751 files and over 5gigs
Uninstalled the older Skype which freed 20MB
Downloaded the latest Firefox as I'm contemplating switching back from Chrome
Downloaded the latest iTunes
Restarted the computer
Perused a number of files looking for more stuff to delete or uninstall

My hard drive was filling up fast.  I was down to 15 gigabytes out of the 220.  A good chunk is accounted for by the podcasts I subscribed to that download faster than I watch them.  I planning to devote a chunk of time tomorrow to watching the news pods while crocheting to to free up a few more gigs.

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