Thursday, April 04, 2013

Waiting and Wondering

It's the second evening back in Longview after our weekend trip to Phoenix OR.  Ed and I tried to Skype earlier but the connection was bad on his end and we kept getting cut off after seconds. it was just a tease.  Now this night stretches ahead like an eternity.

As do the weeks and months to come with no end for this unwanted separation in sight.  And now with Internet iffy on his end I can't count on waking up to his emails or know whether he is waking up to the ones I send before i go to bed.

I kept myself distracted during the day with workouts on the mini-tramp and the organizing of my stuff.  Both the stuff already here and the stuff coming in from the van which came back with us this time.

While working out I was listening to songs on YouTube and creating a workout playlist.  Spent over an hour on the tramp for the second day in a row.  This could get addictive.  Especially with the music added in.

Well, it is time to move on to my fiction files work which these late evening hours are supposed to be dedicated to.  They've been neglected for a whole week now with the trip prep beginning last Thursday.  If I'm able to switch brain gears I should find that quite distracting.

Ed suggested while I was there that maybe I should consider exempting my fiction writing from the New Year Resolve to finish more things than I start.  He wonders if it is stifling my muse to be shunning new inspiration and forcing myself to keep working on old stories whose original sizzle has fizzled.  I'm totally paraphrasing what he said but I think I'm relating the gist of it.

His words sounded wise as I listened and I've alerted my muse to my willingness to entertain new story ideas, new characters, new themes, and new genres.  I included poetry in this exemption from the new WIP embargo as well.  Fiber arts remains under the ban tho until I get that Secret Santa project finished and even then limited to finishing something to earn right to begin something new.  Re Secret Santa Project: the Mobius Strip passed 6 inches wide on the trip home Tuesday night.  Four inches to go and I will start checking every couple of rounds to see if its wide enough.

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