Friday, April 12, 2013

Sister's Night

My sister and I heard this guy singing at the Electric Bean in Longview tonight.

 Jacob Westfall. Remember that name because I think he's gonna make it.

His sound reminds me just a bit of Jim Croce who was one of my favorites as a teen. He writes his own songs too--words and music from what I gathered.

I was impressed with the drummer he had on stage with him tonight too. But it doesn't take much to impress me when it comes to drums.  Not even the sticks and skins, tho I could hardly take my eyes off them, since later in the evening after the performers were off the stage there were a few people hanging out doing riffs on guitars and they started 'drumming' with their hands on the guitars, their knees, the table and whatever else was in reach and I thought that was cool too.  I just love rhythm work however it's done but boy I still dream of getting to hit on a real drum set someday.

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