Monday, April 01, 2013

Boxed Up

Most of Sunday and Monday I was packing box after box at our home in Phoenix OR.  Monday night I was preparing put up a post, had Blogger open in browser and left to take some quick pics of the stacks of boxes but batteries were dead in camera.  So my sister loaned my her iPad mini.  I found Merline on stack of boxes by window in my office talking to a cat or dog outside.  I thought, perfect, and called his name.  He turned and jumped just as I snapped.  I followed close on his tail and right outside my office door he had found the stash of empty boxes....

 ...and was inside one sitting on its side.  So I snapped a quick pic and then scooped him up box and all...

 ...and set the box on the stack  by the window and waited to see what he would do next.  After first looking down at the floor...

 ...he turned and looked at the stack of tray boxes on the desk to his left and quick as a flash...

 ...he was in the top tray and even quicker he jumped from there into...

...another empty box atop its empty lid.  A precarious perch I knew and when I saw where he was looking and realized that if he jumped over there he'd likely cause an avalanche of small boxes down onto the larger boxes knocking then over as well and likely hurt himself.  So I stopped snapping and grabbed him.

I was excited to post the pics and had my sister email them to me via her 3G.  I get back to my netbook in the living room and discover that our Internet connection was down.  When it had not returned within the hour I gave up and went to bed.  I was not back by morning either and did not return before my sister and I had to hibernate my netbook as my sister and i prepared to hit the road Tuesday evening.

It looks like it did not come back for my husband before he had to go to bed as I didn't have an email waiting for me when I got home.

Over the three days we were there I packed over 20 of those fruit boxes Ed got from work as well as five large plastic bags as in 20 gallon trash bags, a large duffle and hanging suit bag.  I think about sixteen of the boxes and a large bookshelf ended up in the van for the trip.  We will be making at least one more trip for the rest of the boxes I packed this trip plus more that will need packing as the date Ed needs to vacate closes in on us.  May 15.  My focus this tirp was my office--crafts, books, files, office supplies--and my closet--clothes, bedding and towels and HABA (Health and Beauty Aids).

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