Tuesday, April 02, 2013


My sister, Carri, took this pic of Ed and I just minutes before we back out of the driveway.  She caught us coming down the long hall from our room like this because I'd been trying to prolong our good-bye hug back in our room and Ed had finally turned me around and started walking and I had to either take steps or risk falling.  We were giggling like a couple of high school kids.  No.  Junior High.

In spite of the tinge of sadness overhanging the four days because of why I was there and why I wan't staying and how short four days are when you want them to be an eternity..in spite of all of that it was the best four days of my year so far.

Carri and I pulled out of the driveway about 5:30 and stopped briefly two doors down so I could say good-bye to Ed's folks.  Then we stopped at WalMart where Carri wanted to pick up a DVD she had seen there earlier and replace my size 6 crochet hook which she'd bent while using it to clean the clogged sprayer in the dishwasher.  But they didn't have size 6 hood at WalMart so we stopped at Michael's but not before we'd spent two hours in WalMart where carri bought be too tops and a pair of shorts.  Size 16 tops!!!  Size 20W shorts!!  Last time I was in size 16 was in 1985.

We spent close to another hour in Michael's.  I did get the hook which I needed in order to work on the Mobius Strip on the trip home.  Which I did, adding nearly four rows to the 8ft loop.

Before we hit the freeway tho we stopped at Pilot to gas up and get dinner.  Subway for me and Taco Bell for Carri.

It as full dark and after 8pm when we finally hit the road north.

We pullied into Mom's driveway at 2am Wednesday.

It is now 4:30.  If I don't get a move on and take my meds, I will end up having my first 24 hours awake since starting on the new Trazadone regime.  I got up at quarter to 7 Tuesday morning and said good-bye to Ed half an hour later as he left for work not knowing whether he'd be back home before we had to take off.  But he got back about 1pm.  And I'm babbling now.  Time to say goodnight.  Or is that good morning?  Good Night Morn.  There that covers all the bases.

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