Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Funnel-Headed Fur Baby

pic via screenshot while Skyping

Our Merlin aka Mr Wizard has to wait until Monday to get the stitches out of his eyelids and the funnel off his head.  He is hating that funnel and frustrated his skills at escaping are not working for him here.

He had surgery for inverted eyelids and removal of rotten teeth last week.  He has come a long way since then, gaining weight, grooming, playing and eating like he's making up for lost time.

This is all happening back home in Phoenix OR and I hate not being there to comfort him through it.  On days Ed works he has to be home alone.

Next month he will be coming back to Longview WA with me after my ten day visit down there to help Ed pack up the rest of the house and deep clean it in preparation for his vacating it May 15.

I'm putting up this quickie post tonight because I'm seriously sleep deprived and have had several days of emotional turmoil.  The two things are in an infinity feed-back loop that I must find a way to break out of.  So putting sleep ahead of everything else tonight seems like the reasonable thing to do and even tho I'm feeling far from reasonable I'm going to give it my best shot.

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