Monday, April 08, 2013

Post Op Purrrrrs

Our Merlin had surgery today to remove rotten teeth and inverted eyelashes.  It was hard being 500 miles away awaiting the news.  Ed was going to pick him up from the vet's and drop him at home, grab his laptop and trek the mile to the library where he could use the WIFI to start a chat with me.  But instead he dropped Merlin at home then walked two doors down to his folks and phoned me just after 5pm.

He said everything went as expected but he had not anticipated how wobbly Merlin would still be and did not want to leave him alone for the two hours he would be gone.  He said Mers was falling down every few steps and bumping into things.  He is wearing a funnel to prevent grooming his eyes for a few days.

The picture above was taken while I was in Phoenix last week and Mers was 'helping' me pack.  I just nabbed it from the photo essay for last Monday's post.  The one I had started working on just before our Internet went down there and then did not get to post until we got back to Mom's Tuesday night.

He is not looking his best in that photo.  He had not been grooming, had lost a lot of weight and his eyes had been nasty with goop before Carri got baby wipes for Ed to wipe them.  That was the day Carri took him to the vet and found out about the inverted eyelashes and the rotten teeth and infection.  Or was that Tuesday?  It's all starting to blur in my memory.  So much went on those four days.

Ed started him on antibiotics on Wednesday and he was telling me by chat Sunday afternoon that our Merlin was back.  Meaning he had started grooming, was eating like a pig and had started chasing his balls all over the house again.

Carri and I will be bringing him back with us next trip later this month or into early May.  Ed is still not sure where he'll end up when he has to vacated May 15th.

We are so grateful to Carri and my Mom for having him tended to for us.

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