Friday, April 05, 2013

Box Fox

She may be sly but still accident prone.

We brought the rest of the boxes of my stuff in from the van today.  I'd worked since Wednesday afternoon at making room in the green room for as many as possible so that as few as possible would be banished to the basement.  Amazingly I made room for all 22 and without loosing the floor space for the mini-tramp.

Wednesday evening I smacked my face against the edge of a shelf I forgot I'd moved into that position and the frames of my glasses were jammed against my nose and brows.  Oh my.  Headache from hell.  But only for a few minutes.  With all the dust I stirred up and the sweat I'm constantly reaching up to rub at my nose or push my glasses back in place only to be sharply reminded how unwise those moves are.

Following is a photo essay of the box escapade.  I hope to keep commentary brief as I'm utterly exhausted.  Have had less than four hours of sleep every night for most of the last week and since Sunday afternoon have spent hours every day moving stuff in and out of boxes and boxes in and out of places.  I'm scummy and want to hop in the shower and then into bed.

Besides I'm sad today.  Internet is still down in Phoenix so I've heard nothing from Ed in over 24 hours.  The work today kept me distracted but Mom is asleep now so I can't keep working at unpacking and organizing my books which might have been enough to distract me from the sad.

This was the view to my right as I sat at my desk in the corner immediately after the last box was brought in by my sister and a young boy she had care of today.

This was the same stack seen from the opposite corner standing in the doorway to the room.  You can see the rim of the tramp in the bottom right corner.  It was my primary goal to have that flat on the floor again before the end of the day as I'd finally made space for it Wednesday and had awesome workouts on it two days in a row and knew that with it up on edge it was iffy whether that would continue regularly let alone daily as I hope.

About an hour later I had the spot for the tramp free again.  The stack on the right is seven tall with both the top and the bottom boxes out of view in this shot. The bottom five contain craft, HABA, office, electronics.  I thot the tramp a good spot for sorting thru them.  The two on top contain only empty nested boxes as I've already unpacked stuff I wanted out of three boxes and consolidated the remaining stuff into one with the two empty boxes serving as storage for their small cousins. The tramp was at my feet as I took this one.

This is my desk cubby behind the stairwell.  Two boxes are slid under and stacked with a third in front  acting as footstool but that didn't last after I crushed one corner of it when leaning forward to stand up.  There are three more boxes to the left of my chair.   Most of the boxes stored in this corner contain unsorted papers and this seemed the best station for the project of sorting them.

View of my desk after I used a board to extend the space forward and  made space to the back for desk misc and reference books.

Another view showing the netbook open and the office misc drawers on the corner of the card table behind my chair.  I'm standing either on or beside the tramp.

This is the opposite wall and shows the stacks of my boxes in front of and my bags on top of my mom's desk
In the stack on the right the bottom three are full of books.  The top one crafts.  To the left, the top one is more nested empty boxes and under that a crate contain files and notebooks.

Another view of the desk showing the boxes in the knee cubby and my bags hanging on and standing beside the open door.  The top box inside the cubby is crafts.  The bottom box is Mom's.

This is in Mom's room on my side of the bed.  This will be my reading and crafting area.  The large brown bookshelf came back with us from Phoenix.  The shelf I smacked my face on is the top black plastic crate on the left.  I'd bent down to get something off the floor that kept tripping me.  It might have actually been the edge of my book easel seen sticking out form atop the books.  As twice today it slid partly out when the crates were jostled.  Something about that set up isn't level.  I will have to figure it out tomorrow.

Directly to the left of the above shot shows a second stack of two crates.  These  two came with me on this trip the other two on the last trip.  The stuff in and on them is just put out of the way for now.  Who knows which books end up there by the time I'm done fussing.

To the left of the blue shelves is my HABA and folding clothes station, including the two aqua boxes on corner of chest at foot of bed.  The far end of my clothes station is where my new yellow shorts are seen atop my blue duffle.

Here is the whole shebang seen from foot of bed.  The aisle is less than a foot wide except where the brown shelf sits which is just wide enough to accommodate the office swivel chair from the forties that was once my dad's.

And here is a view from the doorway to the green room showing the tramp in place and more boxes under the wooden cabinet.  But those boxes are Mom's stuff which I'd placed there while making room for my boxes.  Except for the small box of folders and notebooks seen just behind the yellow crate on the left.  Those are mine and came with my on the first trip in January.

The four boxes on top of the wooden cabinet are all reference books including the World Book Encyclopedia and the Britanica Great Books.  Those are probably going to be set up right there atop that cabinet.  The plan is to keep reference books in the green room and the fiction and NF that is primarily for reading and not just looking something up in the bedroom.  Books finished and awaiting reviews will probably find spots near the computer or at least a few at a time.  Lots of fussing and experimenting will ensue I'm sure.  Just like with the box-as-foot-stool idea I had earlier today, some ideas will not work in practice as well as in my imagination.

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