Saturday, May 28, 2011

Think Possible

My sister-friend Jamie introduced this song to me earlier this week. When I listen to it I feel like something is waking up inside me. It has been a long SAD winter for me.

Even for Oregon this has been a long, chilly, grey, wet season. We had a couple of days of sun last week but then it turned cloudy and drizzly and cold again. The races were rained out again today. The dirt track season here starts in mid April but they've been rained out more weeks than not and Ed and his folks have only been to one because even when they are held its too cold for them to sit out there for upwards of six hours. I don't go to the race but maybe once per season--I like their fireworks display the weekend nearest July 4rth--but when the family doesn't go I don't get my home alone day which is as disappointing to me as a rained out race is to them.

What do I miss when races day is canceled whether by the track or by the family? The chance to have most of the hours between 3pm and dawn to:

  • do my room chores and laundry without fear of colliding with someone somewhere between the room and the machines or outside garbage can.
  • take as long as I need for a shower, shampoo, and etc
  • eat what I want when I want
  • play music as loud as I want and sing along (until they get home after 10pm)
  • watch DVD on the big flat screen in the living room
  • play with Bruiser, the family dog, or just hang out with him. (again, until they get home and he goes to bed with them)
  • The chance to hang out in the yard or porch without worrying about sprinklers, weed eaters, lawn mowers, cigarette smoke (until dusk anyway)
  • The chance to spread out a big project in our room, the kitchen, the living room or the porch without fear of being in the way or having to put it all away suddenly
  • The chance to feel for over twelve hours like I'm not in the way

OMG I sound like a surly teenager!

I wasn't planning to do a cheese and whine fest here, just showcase a cool song that has meant something to me this week.


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