Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Think It's a Triple Feature

Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Kan We Start teh Moovie Nao?

I have several have over five hours of DVD going overdue at the library as of midnight, three DVD from Netflix that have been at home for over a week and three movies in my Netflix instant watch queue that are due to stop streaming by midnight tomorrow. One of those stops at midnight tonight which for me is two and a half hours.

The last two weeks have been much like this with library DVD or Netflix streaming deadlines to chase around and around the clock. But that will ease up after Thursday as I've eased up on what I've been ordering from the library and this latest slew of deadlined streamers on Netflix is atypical. Usually there are three to five every couple of weeks but there have been at least twenty on my queue that showed up with the warning in the last two weeks. I had to get picky as there was no way I could get them all in with the limited streaming time I have plus all the TV series seasons I had out of the library at the same time. I had to let many slide.

If that sounds like I've spent most of the last two weeks zoned in front of a screen well don't forget that for over half the time I'm watching something I'm also crocheting. So soon I'll have a lot to show for all those hours. As soon as I get some pictures taken I'll post them.

The three I hope to stream tonight are: August, Autumn in New York, and The Butterfly Tattoo.

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