Saturday, May 21, 2011

It Was Amazing!

Objects With Faces-Amazed Washer-Dryer is Amazed at Your Pile of Laundry
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Finally the weather cooperated for Ed and his folks to go to the dirt track races. The season usually begins mid April but this year the rain kept the track undrivable several weeks after the first scheduled race. The race have been held a few times but they opted out of going because it was too cold for Ed's folks especially after dark.

Dirt track race day means chore day for me. But it also means my being able to wander freely from room to room without fear of colliding with someone. It means hanging out with Merlin our cat and Bruiser their dog and letting Merlin have free range of the house as well. It means TV shows or DVD on the big flat screen in the living room. It means monopoly of the broadband for streaming or downloading or heavy duty surfing. It means fixing and eating meals and snacks of my choosing at a time of my choosing. It means hanging out on the porch or in the yard with out fear of cigarette smoke or weed eaters. It means playing the boom box in our room as loud as I like.

But chores take priority and with this being the first race day of the year there is a lot of those to catch up on. This week laundry had to take priority. And some clutter control and garbage patrol in our room. I was home alone from 3 until almost midnight and having gathered and sorted out eight I still had a load in each machine and two on the floor. And the bed was stripped to the mattress pad and then piled high with folded laundry and more awaiting folding, all the contents of my desk including the printer, books and DVD, several sewing and craft bags and boxes.

So it was after 1am before Ed could crawl into the freshly made bed and another hour before I could settle on it to do my Saturday post. I confess I then visited and was waylaid there for a couple hours. Now it is dawn and I'm still not posted for Saturday.

I've still not done any streaming or downloading chores (Windows is chomping at the bit for updates and my news pods languishing). Ed will probably sleep in so I could probably count on nearly two more hours but I'm so sore and exhausted I almost don't care. I can barely lift my arms and little demons stab me in the elbows and shoulders when I try. My back is caught in the fist of a troll. It was sorting the laundry that did in my back and folding the clean clothes that did in my arms. I'm not sure why my neck is so stiff and sore. Maybe from the awkward angles I held my head while trying to watch the TV and fold laundry, gather clutter and garbage, and rearrange my stuff.

Here's hoping they get to go to the races again next week so I can have a home-alone day that is less focused on chores and more on fun.

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