Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Movie Night

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I decided to cut myself a little slack after all the work I did cleaning and organizing since Saturday. So I designated tonight as Movie Night. Most of the day too. I'm counting as movies the several TV series seasons I had out of the library this week. House MD 6. Six Feet Under 2. Boston Legal 2. And Lovejoy 2. I finished Lovejoy on Saturday actually. And just finished House and have now started on Six Feet Under. Lovejoy had been due last Thursday and the other three were due this past Tuesday. I lucked out when Boston Legal renewed. But the other two must now be in the drop box before the library opens tomorrow at eleven to avoid a fine.

I'm adjusting to the idea that I'm not going to make it with Six Feet Under. Only if I put the disks in my netbook and used the video ap that allows me to speed up videos by percents would I have any hope of watching twelve more hours in the next 12 and 1/2 hours. Even then I'd have to speed it up until they all sound like Daffy Duck and the chipmunks. Not a very appealing concept. So I guess I'll be hanging on to it over the weekend and eating the fine.

Meanwhile I've also watched several excellent movies this week and some a bit less than excellent but still worthy: Yentil, Sleepless in Seatle, La Strada (now I must explore more Fellini), Cowboy Up, $9.99 (yes, a film title--a stop action animation for adults).

Boy when I see it all listed like that....

And that's not all of it. I streamed some TV episodes online. So many and of such variety I can't list them all. The one that stands out is the final two epiosdes of Ugly Betty which I'd been depriving myself of for two months because I was sad to be finished with the story and a bit afraid they were going to botch up the story with a shoddy ending. I should have know better and trusted the writers who hadn't let me down yet.

Here's where I would usually lessen the shock of the amount of time I spent watching the screen by saying I was plying the crochet hook or the needle the whole time. But I can't say that this time because I've done very little crochet or needlework since last Friday because of the time, effort, and energy I put into the room clean and the related disarray of my craft materials and work space. Mostly it was the exhaustion after hours of lifting and sorting and rearranging etc. I was too tired to care and just want to sit and stare at the screen.

If it hadn't been for the flood of DVDs off my request queue that came in over the last two weeks, I might have chose different ways to relax. I keep getting surprised by these floods and I keep saying how I won't let that happen again and then I do. I try to manage my library request queue so that only one and no more than two TV series season boxes come home in a single week. At least not the same day. But last week Ed misheard me when I told him what all was waiting and listed what I wanted that day, Tuesday, and which could wait. He heard the first list but not the second and he grabbed everything on the hold shelf with my name slip in it. Three TV seasons and an audio book among them.

As of last Thursday there were two more waiting and I'm afraid to check now to see if any more came in since then. But I need to go check on my items out list to verify my memory of what items were due this week and have to go back in the morning as I have to prepare them now before Ed is ready to sleep. Which could be any minute so I guess I better get on with it.

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