Friday, May 27, 2011

Just What I Need

Star Wars Pram Mobile

More concepts for crocheted do-dads!

And a new site to spend time on that displays stuff you didn't know existed and once you do you just MUST have.

Hoarders Delight

Must Have Cute is another site in the family. I just discovered it this evening after accidentally clicking a link when I fumbled the mouse. Ordinarily I avoid visiting the other sites because I know myself too well--how easily I get addicted to certain kinds of things. My nearly daily visits to the cute kittehs already eats up more time than I should allow.

But isn't this pram mobile cute? And not just because it features Star Wars characters. I can picture endless variations on the theme of a flat strip or a string with a series of dangles of various shapes, colors and themes.

Yep. Just what this hoarder with her collection of crocheted bookmarks approaching 300 and her collection of 2.5 dozen unfinished thread WIP needs.

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