Thursday, May 05, 2011

Not So Unexpected Actually

funny pictures - I hate when that happens!
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Cant' keep my eyes open. Been up since 5am and had big day with Dr appointment and then stop at library and then after dishes I sat out on the porch crocheting while monitoring Merlin on his leash for over an hour. This was the first outing he's had since early November poor kitteh.

It was the first time sitting outside in the evening (or any time) since about then for me as well. And my outing to the Dr and library was the first in a month that I was out of the house.

We had the longest wintery spell this year. There still hasn't been any dirt track racing as the track never has a chance to dry out enough. Race season is more than two weeks past due starting. I only care of course because when the others go I get the house and yard to myself for ten to twelve hours.

Well i'm gonna stop babbling and give into the sleepies before I end up asleep anyway in a position akin to the one kitteh has assumed above.

Good nite

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