Monday, May 16, 2011

Snipped Stitch

Yet another snafu with the baby afghan. My hopes of getting it in the mail today were dashed when I put a gash in one of the stitches while trimming the tails.

I just spent three hour trying to get a picture of the damaged strand, setting up shots, taking pics, changing batteries, prepping pics, setting up more shots, taking more pics, and finally zooming to nearly 400% and taking a screenshopt.

It's still hard to see if you don't know what you are looking at. I had to slip the crochet hook handle inside and lift the stitch up a bit. It looks out of focus still but isn't as you can tell by looking at the surrounding stitches. The fuzziness is due to actual fuzziness of the thread where the ends of the snipped strand are fraying. It hasn't helped that I have been picking at it trying to judge the danger of the thread snapping in two, the possible efficacy of fray check, the risk of putting through the washer and dryer before applying the fray check and so forth.

It is either one of three or two of six strands in the thread that I snipped with the nail clippers I was using to trim the tails along the bobble edge. I thought the clippers would be safer than scissors. But I couldn't keep track of the back corner of them. So I switched to scissors after that happened.

My heart was climbing into my throat when it first happened. I thought it had gone through the thread.

I've decided to try the fray check and that it needs to go on before the washing. Which means it has to set a full day before it can be washed. So that means Wednesday or Thursday before I can get it in the mail.

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