Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just Too Much

Too much stuff. Too much to do.

It would help if I wasn't constantly re-doing the same thing over and over.

Blame the stuff for a lot of that!

I had other plans for my time and energy this even as for both Sunday and Monday evening but I just had to take apart my desk area for the third time since Saturday and rearrange it yet again. It took over three hours all four times!

The glitch was having put more weight than it could bear on the tray table that serves as my desk and then it would slowly start to bend over the next twelve hours or so. One of the problems is that I am trying to keep too many items related to too many projects within arms reach from where I sit on the bed because it is such an hassle to move what I have on my lap in order to get up and fetch it. Plus at night it also disturbs Ed's sleep.

I'm forced to sit on the bed for everything because there isn't room for a chair in this room.

Too much stuff!

It's so bad now I've not got enough elbow room to wield keyboard, needles or crochet hook freely. Especially when Ed's sleeping.

In spite of my best efforts to organize I often spend more time getting projects out and putting them away than I do working on them.

My best efforts at organizing sometimes seem to be little else than rearranging stuff that I seldom see between the rearranging efforts.

I have so much stuff blocking my access to my clothes it is often such a huge effort to get ready to go somewhere I just don't.

It was in January of 2008 that I blogged about the great room make over that was supposed to make life so much easier. And it did for a time. I purged a lot of stuff and found many efficient, space saving ways to store the remaining stuff. But I never actually finished the sorting and purging that year and since then I've brought in huge amounts of craft stuffs relating to the crocheted bookmarks and their wardrobes of ribbons and beads and buttons and thread.

It's time for another room makeover. It's time for another purge. But it can't be the craft stuff or books that get purged. Reorganized after room is made for them by purging other stuff maybe but not got rid of.

Starting with the boxes stuffed with stuff that needs sorting and boxes stuffed with boxes and plastic bags and various sizes and shapes of containers I saved for storing the sorted stuff that isn't purged.

Completing a few of the over dozen unfinished craft projects so they and their materials don't have to live in separate boxes and bags would go a long way toward freeing up space.

Finishing them would be easier if the tools and materials were better organized.

What would really help would be having our own place to live so we aren't confined in this 10x12 foot room. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon as Ed's working under 20 hours a week. We've got to be grateful Ed even still has a job as his company has just gone though bankruptcy reorganization and he wasn't sure until this week that his job was going to still be there next month.

As I worked to stabilize my desk this evening I was working myself up to committing to making that this Saturday's project while the family was away at the races. But I just learned the races are likely to be rained out again this week.

I'm just not sure how to go about working on the big sort and purge if I'm constrained by the walls of this room and the hours between 3 and 9pm not counting the two hours for dinner and dishes. Those are the only hours I can count on neither me nor Ed needing the bed for sleep. Why is that? Because there isn't enough room for both of us to sleep well at the same time because of the wall of shelves towering to either side of this standard sized bed and all of the pillows (7) and the two shams stuffed with quilts.

Oh and the cat.

And no we're not purging the cat!

It might help if I purged a hundred pounds off myself. But that's a whole other issue.

Isn't it?

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Linn,  5/29/2011 1:02 AM  

I completly understand this frustration! If only we had a way to purge the room! hehe.... I love you, and I will see you soon.

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