Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Yeah, That Could Be It

aawww. . . look at you trying                             too hard again.

Yesterday's funk was a combination of sleep deprivation and angst buildup over the widening gap between the number of script pages I have and the number I should have by day .

But I should know by now with decades of past experience on these matters, that that very stressing over word/page count, between what is and what 'should' be, is the very thing that throttles the muse. The main difference between Friday between midnight and noon when I wrote the three pages and every day since then is that Friday morning I was feeling flush with time and came at it with the spirit of playfulness and every day since have been tense with a sense of a falling ax over my keyboard.

It's no wonder my fingers would just as soon stay out of the way of that menace.

So its time to woo the muse again with an invitation for a play date.

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