Thursday, April 21, 2011

Soliciting Sour Dreams

I devoted many hours today to watching The Mist and all of the special features on both discs. Except for rewatching the movie with the commentary from writer/director Frank Darabont. I was very tempted to do even that but if I wanted another Netflix DVD before Monday I had to get it to the post office before 5.

I also watched a DVD of Dreams on Spec, a documentary with a mix of observations from known screenwriters and the following and interviewing of several new hopefuls.

All in all today was an intense education on scriptwriting and film making.

But it also filled my mind with some horrific images and disturbing behaviors of humans to extreme stress. I was thinking most of the afternoon that I would post something like a review of the movie and the extras on the discs but I waited too late. I'm going to be asleep soon and I made a point of watching a much less intense story earlier this evening--an Inspector Lewis episode--in hopes of banishing the worst of the images and events of The Mist before sleeping.

Even though I made a point of not watching that trailer before posting it, I may have already undid the benefits of watching Inspector Lewis just by taking my mind back to the story of The Mist to talk about here however obliquely.

It was a very scary movie. And it wasn't the monsters that scared me the worst. It was Mrs Carmody. I would rather have the toothy spiders and stinging scorpions in my dreams than Mrs. Carmody.

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