Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Got Nothing

Outta ideaz? Tri turnign ur brainz upside down n shaks dem a bit.

this is one of those days when I'm not just having a hard time coming up with a post idea but a hard time coming up with a reason to post at all.

I didn't want to set aside the crochet to do this or the videos I'm watching as I crochet so my heart is still with them and not this.

I've made significant progress on both the silk shawl and the baby afghan in the last week so I suppose I could have made this about them but I didn't feel like setting up the photo shoot for that and without the photos it is just boring words on the page. But at risk of sounding boring, I have finished the silk shawl and have finally solved the issues with the fringe on the baby afghan and have one side two-thirds done. I'll try to get pics of them both for later this week. The shawl is destined for my MIL whose birthday is Friday. I'd hoped to have the baby afghan in the mail to my grand-nephew in Montana two months ago.

I've been doing other things with crochet as well. I learned a new stitch. I'll get pics of the items I'm using it on when I get pics of the shawl and afghan.

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