Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Forays in Fiction: Script Frenzy Apt

The Most Justified of Justifications

Just sharing some script writing relevant fun stuff I came across while procrastinating this week. Above a pun from So Much Pun about text formating.

Fussing with script formatting is yet another way to procrastinate.

Below is a trailer for Tales From the Script, a video I streamed on Netflix that I hoped would give me insight into the script writing process. I thought it might be motivational but if anything it was probably demotivational.

I'm a control freak when it comes to my stories so after hearing what role the screenwriter has after their script is bought and what's subsequently done to their stories, I'm less inclined than ever to want to make screenwriting my forte. But I still want to learn the technique. I learn best hands on and I'm currently fascinated with how stories are created for the screen and stage so I'll keep playing around with the format as I continue to watch videos.

And maybe now that I'm less attached to the fantasy of a movie ever actually being made from my script I can transfer the energy of that fantasy back into the story.

The story IS what it's all about.

Meanwhile after my glorious first twelve hours last week which garnered me three pages of script, I haven't added a single page. I have done other related writing--character sketches, descriptions, outlines and so forth. Just no work on the script itself. I got all tangled up in my mind about what whould happen in what order and froze. Once again just like with my novels I get first draft confused with final draft...

Well, I will try to get back into the spirit of play again. But not until Sunday evening now as Saturday is the 24 Hour Read-a-Thon which begins at 5am for me. I'm probably not going to sleep again until after its over as I tried to stay up today to flip my hours but crashed at 1pm and slept until 10pm. Which means I'll hit 24 hours at 10pm Saturday and have to make it another 7 hours if I want to participate to the end at 5am Sunday.

I am planning to make a good percentage of my reading Script Frenzy related though. I have several scripts at hand to read and four books on scriptwriting. But I will be reading at least one novel as it has been over a week since I've lost myself in a fiction story on the page. I also have some audio books I can listen to while I crochet or work on the baby afghan fringe. I'm behind on both the baby afghan and the silk shawl and just went 9 days without picking up my hooks.

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