Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shoulda Had That Second Cup

Just Gimme My Caffeine and Back Away Slowly

Tuesday was one of those days it might have been better to never have gotten out of bed.

When I got back to the room with my coffee and got settled with it with pillows piled high behind me and a DVD in the TV my Merlin climbed into my lap which at that moment consisted of mostly bare legs. He's a kneader. Ow Ow ow.

So one-handed I forced a wad of my fleece blanket under him and I thought he ws going to settle so I pick up the remote with my right hand and bring my coffee cup to my lip with my left and at the precise moment the cup rim touched my lip, Merlin head bopped it and it poured down my front.

Ow Ow Ow Ow

I spent the rest of the day with my chest bright red from collar bone to sternum and constantly having to pull the fabric away. No blisters ever formed. It just looked like a sun burn for hours. Thank goodness I hadn't hit the 3 on the microwave when heating the water. I know 3 minutes will bring cold tap to boiling and remain scalding hot after adding cold milk. But I was impatient and the tap water felt more cool than cold so I took a chance on 2 and then added a good wallop of milk.

It was also a good thing my coffee cup has a lid. I call it my sippy cup.

All day long I set out to do one thing and ended up doing something else. That DVD still sits in the TV machine. All I got to watch over my coffee after getting up to clean up and make sure I wasn't going to need medical attention, was the previews.

After drinking my coffee I switched to a library book that needed to go back today as soon as Ed decided to make the run to the library. Then as he left for the library I started to get out my crochet projects but discovered the electric cords to my computer, 2 lamps, clock, printer, netbook andUSB hub and the USB cords to my printer, DVD player, external hard drive and USB hub were all in a tangle....

And some of that tangle was also tangled with the pile of overflow from the hamper which supports one end of the board that is my desk. Oh, I thought, time to get a load of laundry going. So cleared the board off, piling books, printer, netbook, crochet and misc onto the bed. I separated the dirty clothes from the cords and stuffed them in the hamper, intending to sort out a load after I got the cords sorted out and the stuff under my desk reorganized.

But by the time I got that done my back was screaming obscenities and I needed to sit or better lay down but the bed was covered in stuff so I had to put my desk back together first which puts the board over the hamper.

By then I was exhausted and it was less than an hour until the call for dinner so it was even too late to start the movie.

Dinner was stew which is one of the things that always gives me a nap attack even when I'm not already weary. I fought it off at first but as I was getting ready to start this post I suddenly could not care a whit less about it. My eyes were crossing. Then Merlin was doing something with the blankets that forced me to reorganize them and the pillows supporting my back and I suddenly did not want them to be supporting my back but rather my head.

That was around 8pm. Next thing I became aware of was Ed's snoring and that it was pitch dark in the room with the TV and my lamps off. It was almost 2am. I had not even been aware when Ed came to bed and he had to clear a few stray items off his side and probably fight me for his covers and pillows and his share of the mattress real estate.

I was thinking about making another cup of coffee while I was doing the dishes. Wish I had now.

Now I'm trying to decide if I should go make one now or lay back down after posting this.

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