Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hello Kitteh

Can U Spot teh Kitteh in Dis Pikshur?

Where's Kitty?

Time is playing hide and seek with me this week. Ever since Saturday's read-a-thon I'm half the time not sure when I am. Sunday was all about catching up on sleep and the last two days have been all about catching up on Script Frenzy (or at least staring at the screen of my script ap) and library items going back this week.

Having slept from late morning Sunday until after 10 pm I was then awake until 10pm Monday and then slept until 4 am Tuesday and it is now coming onto midnight so I've been awake 20 hours again! That's four times in one week to be awake 20 to 30 odd hours straight.

Several hours ago, I was preparing to write this post on the To Do List and or GTD (Getting Things Done) them again when I got a phone call from my sister in Washington and we ended up visiting for two hours. Our first such visit in months. Now I'm too mind numb to organize my thoughts on the topic of organizing time and space. So I'll leave you with this image from icanhascheezeburger.com featuring a cat lost in space--the grassy and rocky space of a field. It took my tired eyes several minutes and 400% zoom before I found it.

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