Monday, April 25, 2011

Even for Oregon!

o mai sun!      mai sun! mai sun        abskondid wif mai happee

Spring is late. Miserable, dreary, drizzly, chilly, grey day after day. We're averaging 20 degrees below normal for April. Plus we haven't had a single day with temps out of the 70s and we've usually had a couple 88 to 90 degree days by now.

This past weekend was supposed to be the second weekend of dirt track racing but was canceled again. The track, I hear, is so wet it may take a week or more of steady sun to dry enough to prep for the races.

I'm not a dirt track fan so why do I care? Because race day Saturday from April to October has been my day to roam the house and yard at will, have free use of the living room TV, the broadband, the washer and dryer. Even though it is often mostly about chores--cleaning our room and doing laundry and such--I still cherish those days for the freedom to move about the house without worrying about where everybody else is. A single-wide trailer is far from roomy with four adults and a dog roaming about and when two of those adults have serious visual impairment it is even less so.

As I was renewing library items yesterday I realized that it had been three weeks since I'd been out of this house as that was the batch I checked out on my last visit to the library. Most of my library items over the last six months have been picked up and returned by my husband after I've ordered them online.

Ah, well. I suppose six weeks from now I'll be griping about the heat.


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