Saturday, April 23, 2011

Angels in America

I watched the entire six hours of the HBO mini series of Angels in America adapted from his original stage play by Tony Kushner.

I am in awe. Of the acting, the directing, the cinematography, the music, but most especially of the writing. I want to see it again. And again. I may have to own it one day. I also want to read it--read it? no, I'd like to memorize whole pages of it--the play and the screenplay. and I just discovered our library system has it. Over 300 pages? Of course it is the stage play which I learned was 7 hours long and not the screenplay which I also want to read.

Well I just had to massively edit that last paragraph after my words got hopelessly tangled, my syntax switched tenses three times inside of twenty words and punctuation went AWOL. I think I waited too long to get something to eat.

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