Sunday, September 02, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #15

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The Welter of Life
by Joy Renee

In the hurry-scurry is buried
The passion and the fury.
In the helter-skelter is masked
The moment and the falter.
In the falter is the falling.
In the moment is minted
The coin of exchange between
Time and Eternity--
The pause to reflect
On cause and effect--
Dropped on the clear surface
Of the pool in which
Wholly Other
And Wholly Self
In strange attraction
Consummate--sacred with profane--
Begetting the Swarm of Life.
Out of their passion comes passage--
From the welter the welling,
A stirring, a rippling,
A breaking of the surface
And from the pool is expelled
That which is its nemesis
And its heart--Life, a synthesis
Of same and change--
For out of disturbance comes
Joyance; out of the falter
The fulfilling of that
NOW in which all that loves
And is loved has communion.

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