Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #43

I found an interesting sheet of paper among my physical notes to my Fruits of the Spirit story world. An exercise I'd done while living in the Silicon Valley and then stored among the notes to this particular project. It was a list and there were 13 items. It practically screamed TT at me. And the timing couldn't be better. I almost laughed out loud when I read the item that I placed at number 13 here. Only those who've read my recent posts will get that joke.

Question: What would I do differently if I trusted that all the necessary resources (materials, grace, time, strength, creativity, wisdom, talent, knowledge, money, space etc.) to accomplish a task would be available as needed?
Answer: I would make myself available to the task every day by:
  1. limiting time spent playing computer games
  2. limiting time spent watching TV
  3. spending time in playful, creative daydreaming on the elements of the task.
  4. guarding against pessimism
  5. nurturing hope
  6. praying and meditating on aspects of the task
  7. caring for self--body, soul and spirit
  8. caring for my environment--cleanliness and order
  9. cultivating an attitude of gratitude
  10. enjoying the pleasure of accomplishment
  11. yielding to my passion for the task
  12. exulting in the bliss of being fully involved in a meaningful task
  13. laying hands on the tools of the task and making one move
    --open a computer file and type one sentence
    --open the sketch pad and make a mark
    --thread the needle and take a stitch
    --put on walking shoes and step out the door
    --open that daunting, difficult book and read one page

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