Friday, July 06, 2007

I Found A New Playground

I got so lost exploring this site, I almost forgot I still needed to post. It is nasty hot here again tonight and I'd just as soon not cuddle up with my laptop to write a long post, its exhales are like dragon breath. So I'm just going to give you a few links to my new playground(s). Its both singular and plural as they are all the children of Stephen Wolfram creator of Mathmatica.

The one I stumbled onto first, via a link in someones blog post to a definition, was mathworld. mathworld (no caps is theirs) is similar to a wiki in the way you navigate and in the way users with proper credentials can add articles. But the site itself is created with the Mathmatica software. The site is a cross between an encyclopedia, glossary and tutorial for math from High School Algebra on up.

Exploration of mathworld eventually led me to Wolfram Demonstration Project a collection of interactive graphics demonstrating mathematical concepts. These include 3D and animations. But my main interests are the ones that can lend themselves to needlepoint design. Like this one demonstrating Gaussian Primes or this one demonstrating snowflake like patterns created with hexagonal cellular automata. Or Rep-tiles.

Then there is the gallery where they show off gorgeous art created with Mathmatica and offer posters for sale. Several of these 2D designs might lend themselves to needlepoint. It makes me wish I had the Mathmatica software so I could create my own designs. But it is waaaaay out of my price range.

Here is a site map to Wolfram's web presence: Wolfram Web Resourses. He even has a blog!

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