Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #41

Update: Am changing the number in the title from 40 to 41. Took me nearly four days to notice that goof. Hope this doesn't confuse anyone. Don't know how it affects the archive and permalinks when you change a post title.

Since signing up for the Seventy Days of Sweat challenge, I haven't had much else on my mind. I discovered the challenge after it started and signed up on impulse because I knew if I let myself think about it, I would find too many reasons to not do it. I have no new word count yet and probably won't for several more days. I have been working at optimizing my work space (both physical and virual), organizing my files (again, both physical and virtual), re-reading some of the finished stories and rough-drafts and notes, daydreamig the storyworld, and familiarizing myself with the use of three different applications which I'll be using to help me keep all the notes and drafts organized and at my fingertips. I'll blog about those aps later. Although all three of them are in the TT I did just before Christmas about freeware, I will blog about just how they facilitate the specifice tasks writer's encounter.

I am considering posting out-takes or snippets as I've seen them called. Possibly pick a day of the week, say Friday, and post a chunk between 500 and 1500 words from one of the stories. I am quite shy of sharing the really rough drafts of scenes though as anticipating sharing them often makes my muse shy. Can't have that right now. But I have enough material from stories I consider fairly solid, fairly close to final draft form to fill up the eight or nine weeks of this challenge. So, let me hear from you writers: does posting out-takes help or harm the publishing process? I mean will having posted them cause potential publishers to loose interest? Or is that risk mitigated by the potential of proving to a publisher there is enough interest in my stories to take a risk? I keep going back and forth. I've posted out-takes from #11 and #13 below in the past. I was going to hunt up the permalinks for them but I would rather get this posted and get back to work....

Thirteen Titles of Stories From My Fruit of the Spirit Storyworld

1. The Substance of Things Hoped For

2. Of Cats and Claws and Cuiosities

3. Making Rag Doll Babies and Million Dollar Maybes

4.Strange Attractors

5. Faye's Strays

6. To Sip the Light Prismatic

7. Brooding Instinct

8. Lever of Love (Love's Lever)

9. Storyteller's Spouse

10. Braided Rainbows

11. Tale of a Wail

12. Majoring in Marine Biology

13. Kicking the Bucket

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