Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sunday Serenity #13

Daydreaming used to be a source of serenity for me. Hours and hours of thoughts wandering, wondering, pondering. I used to be known for it. From a very small child through young-adulthood it was almost the first thing someone would remark upon whether to or about me. Earth calling Joy. Hey, Space Cadet. Anybody home in there?

Haven't done enough daydreaming in the last few years. I cut way back on it, thinking that staying focused on my goals and duties was more important. Feeling self-conscious to be caught at it when so many of those around me were so busy, such hard workers, so scornful of anything smacking of lazy.

But I forgot that it is the well-spring of my inspiration, creativity, ideas, stories, characters, poems.... It is their playground, their stage, their only way to commune with me.

I must stop scorning my old companion. I must take her hand and wander off....

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Unknown 7/08/2007 11:47 AM  

Don't forget your tools for creativity.

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