Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mismatching Message and Medium

In light of all I related this week about the influence of music on my writing and work habits, I just about choked on my tonsils when I encountered this video on Ed's TT this week. It was extra funny for me because ever since about age 11 after I'd taught myself to type, I've had dreams in which my flying fingers produced music instead of words. And visa-versa. I would dream of playing the piano but instead of musical scores propped in front of me there were blank white sheets of paper that would fill with words.

These dreams began nearly two decades before my first encounter with a word processor. I still have them but they have added all the technologies I've encountered since to the mix--word processors pre GUI when all you saw was glowing letters on black screens all the way to my current multimedia laptop which plays music and movies and games. So it doesn't seem as bizarre as it did circa 1969 to have a dream in which my flying fingers on the keyboard produce music or moving pictures or both as I attempt to compose my stories.

All you sweating over the keyboard for the 70 day challenge, take a few minutes break to watch this vid of Jerry Lewis at the typewriter. A good guffaw can do wonders for creativity and energy. Any writers out there might want to consider incorporating warming up exercises for your hands and tuning up regimes for your machines based on his examples. Or not.

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