Friday, June 15, 2007

Worn Out

Where to 13 year olds get their energy? I want some of it!!!
My niece was here from Wednesday evening through this evening. I got very little sleep during her visit. We chatted about books and movies and pets and music and blogging and her upcoming trip to Hawaii with her family. This is the niece that loaned me the Lemony Snicket books I've blogged about several times. She is loaning me a bunch more books plus six seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD. She is my lending library now that our county system has shut its doors.

We took her grandparent's dog, Sweetie, for a walk down on the bike path by the creek yesterday. The path is used by walkers, joggers, pet walkers, skate-boarders, scooter riders, runners, in-line skaters and cyclists. I love it down there but can't go unless I can talk someone into going with me. Between my 90% plus sight loss and 50% plus hearing loss added to my anxiety disorder and propensity to have addlepated moments as described in my TT yesterday.... I don't know, it just doesn't seem wise.

I took some pictures on that walk and hoped to download them onto the computer and crop and resize etc so that I could post them with this post. But I didn't get it done and it is closing in on midnight.

I am not going to be able to stay awake for late night work session tonight either. I hate giving up these quiet hours when there are so few distractions. But I can't make good use of them when I can't keep my eyes open or my mind on what I am doing. I need sleep.

It is just as well anyway. My husband and I are going to be alone here again this weekend as we were last weekend. His folks are going back up to Washington state for their granddaughter's wedding. Last week it was for the bride's sister's graduation. So if I sleep tonight I will get to spend time with him in the morning. He is still going to the dirt track races tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until near midnight.

The niece who was visiting this week is the sister of the other graduate I mentioned in Monday Poetry Train. Their family is traveling in the same van with my in-laws but they aren't coming back on Monday. They are hopping a plane in Portland, Oregon for ten days in Hawaii! My niece is so excited. She says she is going to get to swim with dolphins.

I am way behind on returning visits to my TT commenters. I am sorry about that and will try to catch that up tomorrow.

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