Friday, June 08, 2007

Shiver My Whiskers

Shiver My Whiskers

On one of the first hot days of the year, the first week of June, I was drinking an iced-coffee. Our cat, Merlin, who loves ice-cubes, could hear them clicking against the sides of the tumbler. Usually I have ice-water in that tumbler and will share with him. Obviously, I could not share my coffee with him, no matter how persistent his pestering. But I did drink it three times faster than I would normally do. But by then the ice-cubes, without the liquid to float in, were too far down for him to reach. Don't worry, I took pity on him. More than he took on my poor shins.

Being pestered by an ambidextrous, six-toed cat, is a great motivator, too bad I can't train him to pester me to get cracking on my WIP.

This is my entry in the photo contest Karen is holding at Write From Karen. The theme this month is humor. Voting opens the evening of June 15th and closes the evening of the 18th. Will it help if Merlin pesters you?


Speaking of pestering and self-promotion. I'm going to see if inserting this invitation at the foot of every post for awhile will help jump-start the meme community:

Please Join me for Sunday Serenity

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