Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #37

Some people call them blond moments. But I'm not blond. Some people call them senior moments. But, nor am I yet senior. Quite. My Mom likes to call them blind moments. (We are both visualy impaired.) But that doesn't explain them all. Not hardly. My sister likes to call them ADD moments.

I think I'll just call them ADDlepated. Or maybe oops! moments.

Thirteen Addlepated Moments:
1. There are so many ways I have goofed up at making a simple pot of coffee I could have probably filled the list with them. But I'm going to group just a few of them here and count them as one:

~~Filled the tank with water, put the filter in the basket. Forgot to add the coffee grounds. It finished perking before I discovered this.

~~Forgot to empty out the old coffee before setting up to make a full pot. Not pretty.

~~Forgot to pour water from bucket into tank. Came back an hour later to dry grounds and hot water.

2. Strange things I've found in my sandwiches after making them:

~~the twist tie off the bread sack. Well, it was white. As was the mayo. And the chicken breast.

~~ the plastic wrap off a slice of cheese. Practically invisible even for fully sighted people.

3.Another sandwich moment;

~~on a race day Saturday this month I made an excellent hamburger sandwich with all the trimmings. Put away the condiments. Came back to the table and picked up my sandwich and reached for the bottle of Squirt. Walked in the other room with them. Sat down and raised the mayo squeeze bottle to my lips. Saw it just barely before putting my mouth on it.

4. Ran across back yard and up porch steps barefoot. Kicked the iron duck door stop. Broke foot. I could almost have done the entire list off the incidents that happened that same week, which I blogged about in Pity Hearty.the summer of 2005.

5. When the smoke detector went off while I was home alone here at my in-laws, my reaction was to rescue my cats who were helpless on their leashes. Once I had myself and them outside safely did I stay put? Run to the neighbor's to call 911? Yell fire? NO. I ran back in to rescue the thousands of dollars of library books out of our room. That took three trips. And only then did I think about my manuscripts! Went back for them. And while I was at it, grabbed some clothes and my purse and travel hygiene kit a coat and shoes. It was afterall about 30 degrees outside that day.

I didn't remember until the next day about the stash of money I had hidden in the room. The money that I had been saving for my laptop for almost two years.

That happened the week that I started this blog and put up my other two web sites. If that had really been a fire, I doubt there would have any more entries after the one that came before this one: Bouncing Off the Walls. Is there a better way to find your way when your eyes are dull and your hands are full?

6. Left brand new gallon jug of liquid laundry detergent on back of washer. It fell off during spin cycle. Cap broke.... Yeah. Picture it.

7. Washed pillow with loose ribbing which tangled with agitator and broke machine. Had to pull the pillows out of water and wring them out by hand before they could be put through the dryer. They were never the same..

8. Picked up shoelace attached to shoe with vacuum cleaner and broke the beater bar belt. 3X in one summer.

9. Put shaving gel on my toothbrush

10. Left library, got full block away before I remembered my white cane.

11. Left library, got to Grandma's house where I was to spend the afternoon. Could not find my reading glasses. Not in my laptop bag. Not in my rolling backpack with the library books. Not in jacket. Just not anywhere I looked. Grandma was watching me look the whole time. It was Friday and I was afraid that I'd left them in the library I would be without them all weekend. So I called and asked. I listened as they called back and forth to each other at the other end. I reached up to brush hair out of my eyes. And found my glasses atop my head. I still wonder if Grandma had seen them and just played dumb for the entertainment of watching my frantic search. She was known for her pranks. But she also had poor eyesight.

12. Another time, preparing to leave Grandma's for home, I packed my laptop up and dropped my reading glasses inside its bag. Out at the car I tossed the bag in the backseat the wrong way up. When I got home I found one ear piece broken off. That happened about a year ago. I'm still wearing them.

13. Walking home from a Fourth of July Fireworks display in Longview with my husband and our, then 13 year old, niece who were so busy telling knock-knock jokes they forgot to watch out for me. I was so busy listening and laughing, I forgot too. I ran smack into a telephone pole. Earned me a serious black eye. But did not break my glasses.

That was the niece who is getting married Sunday. That incident happened in 1996.

The rest of them all happened since we moved in here with my in-laws in 2001. So, it was my in-laws washer, detergent, coffee maker, vacuum cleaner and iron duck.

Would you let me live in your house?

Would you hire me?

Not surprised.

I probably wouldn't either.

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