Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gimping Along

I found this image in a free clip art gallery:

I did this to it with Gimp:

I don't know whether to think this is progress or regression. How can this be called working? It's too much like coloring in a child's coloring book. And almost as much fun as I remember that was. Only less messy. And mistakes can be instantly undone. That's heaven for a perfectionist like me. But it also means I spend more time doing do-overs.

Ah, well. I guess it is good learning experience. Because of that ability to undo all the way back to the beginning, I've felt more inclined to click on a menu item just to see what it does. This isn't getting the pages done. There are 36 pages plus the index page planned. I had hoped to have sixteen done by today. I've got four plus three-quarters of the index page. Every page is unique.

Which is why I'm still awake four hours past my ideal bedtime. And this was not the day to skimp on sleep. Today is the last day of school for my niece who is coming over to spend the night here at her Grandma's. She is going to want to hang out with me into the wee hours. Those hours which are my designated working hours. Thus, I had hoped to have my Thursday Thirteen post drafted and ready to go before she got here. Didn't get it done. And now it will probably have to wait until after my husband goes to bed this evening as I've promised him he can commandeer the laptop from when he gets home until he is ready to give it up.

If I don't lay down very soon, the next twenty-foour hours are going to be about as much fun as a toothache.


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Anonymous,  6/15/2007 10:25 AM  

you into the linux vibe. cool. i am a debian freak.

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