Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Serenity #10

I've always loved jigsaw puzzles. I find them relaxing. Which is why I love the Jigsaw puzzle software I have that will take any graphic I feed it and make a puzzle out of it. I can set the number of pieces I want from 6 to over 1400, depending on whether I want a quick fix or a long challenge. This pic was one my sister took on one of her road trips. I set it for about 140 pieces for a thirty minute break. The ghost of the pic is an option and I turned it on for the screenshot. I had a bunch more screen shots of the various stages of the puzzle, showcasing the various features of the software. Like slide out trays in all four corners to put sections of the puzzle together on; the several options for arranging the scattered pieces at the start; and the finished puzzle. But I am out of time here. We have some errands to run and Ed is chomping at the bit. And I am, like, twenty hours late getting my SS up as it is.

Note: since Ed is now using his own name in his blog's name and has joined in on Sunday Serenity and Thursday Thirteen, it makes no sense to continue avoiding using his first name. Imagine the keystrokes this will save me.

The Sunday Serenity hub. Please join us.

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