Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #4

Becoming That (Most Hoped For) I
by Joy Renee

The most I can Hope for is
a beaching on Wisdom’s coast,
to breach-birth this folded foal
on the shoals of shame and let
the surging surf scour it’s
bloody hide, lift it to the Light and
toss it as Peace Offering
on the shores of Life. Where wind-
slapped it will escape onto
the plains of Faith and flockless,
wander desolate fields,
conspiring with breezes to
name my pains and claim my blame,
and on the balance of Love’s
Justice weigh my Spirit’s fruits
to recompense unto me
the heart of my soul’s intent
Then I, now Accepted by
the Beloved One
into the blessed Ground of Being, am
freed to scale the pinnacles
of Becoming. There to sing
the Wonder and Glory and
Awesome Joy of I AM THAT.

(c) 2000 & 2007 by Joy Renee

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