Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36

Grandma's 90th Birthday Bash 2004

Thirteen Things About Grandma

1. She was born in 1914 That was before women could vote.

2. She was the third of 10 siblings.

3. She remembered living without electricity or indoor plumbing.

4. She lived in Michigan, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska before settling in Phoenix, Oregon with her husband and three children on the same property she lived in until Tuesday morning.

5. Her husband built the house she was living in out of the materials from the decrepit house that was on the property when they bought it and which they'd lived in for a decade or so and finished raising their kids in. He had the help of many family members including his two sons and eldest grandson, my husband, who helped build Grandma's house by bringing a hammer up the ladder to Grandpa who had yelled for 'someone' to 'bring me a hammer.' After his two-year-old grandson poked his head over the rim of the roof, Grandpa learned to be more specific.

6. Her husband died in 1967. She was a widow longer than she was married.

7. She loved birds. She used to have an aviary on the property but for many decades she was content with scattering bird houses, bird feeders, and bird seed within view of all the windows.

8. Grandma loved children. Her fondest memories from childhood were of carrying 'my Mama's babies about'. Talking about 'my Mama's babies' was one of her favorite subjects during those times I hung out with her in the last three years.

9. Her yard and home in Phoenix became a gathering place for the neighborhood kids until well past the time her own kids were grown.

10. She was a Sunday School teacher for many years.

11. Many of those kids brought their own kids and/or grand kids to Grandma's 90th birthday party three years ago

She would have been 93 on July 6.

12. Among those missing her are 6 grand kids, 12 great-grand kids and 2 great-great grand kids. And her beloved Spot, faithful companion of the last 16+ years.

13. She was tiny and would have lived on candy if allowed. She ate as much candy and fruit as she liked without gaining an ounce. Which is probably why, from September through May she was always chilly and became known for the ubiquitous blanket, especially in the mornings and evenings.

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Update: While I was here adding visitor's links to the front page, I fixed the formatting issues causing the acres of extra space and while I was at it, I edited #5 to clarify that this was my husband's Grandma and #12 to include her dog, Spot, among those missing her. I couldn't believe I'd left Spot out. Spot was one of the primary focuses of her days in the last three years. The two of them were inseparable and, it could be said, on a race to the finish line.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by to leave their kind condolences.

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