Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #35

It seems I can make a story out just about anything. I played that silly Google game going around the blogs. You input your own name followed by the word needs and then see what Google thinks you need. Several of the responses I got were hilarious on their own but I noticed that a little shuffling and a narrative stitch here and there... Well it might not be Tolstoy but there's plot, character, setting, motive, suspense... Everything but resolution. Much like my life as it is I guess.

Thirteen Things Google Thinks Joy Needs:

1. Joy needs to realise her mistake.

~~You mean there are some I've missed? It seems I already spend every waking and dreaming moment contemplating my mistakes--past, present and future.

~~If I wasn't such an egregious offender in spelling myself, I could just say, Who's he to tell me what I need to realize when he can't even spell realize?

I'm just saying. Or, not.

What do I know, I'm just a mistake machine.

2. Joy: needs to delete files on error due to > stuff

~~Would this cut down on the mistakes or just mental functioning?

3. Joy Needs a Nanny

~~Wouldn't anyone who'd lost that many mental files?!!

4. Joy needs to make bail and get out of jail.

~~So where was that Nanny when I needed her most? What shenannigans did I get up to?

5. Joy, needs, security

~~Jail wasn't security enough?

6. Joy needs to leave her office!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~How? It follows me wherever I go--from bedroom to living room to porch to park....

~~I bet I thought it couldn't follow me to jail. And then realized my mistake. And then followed the imperative to delete files on encountering an error...

~~But I don't know. I can't recall. Too many deleted files.

Here's someone who could share his insight on deleted files and not recalling.

He needs to get away from his office too.

7. Joy needs to spend some serious time in Baghdad

~~Do I really think my office couldn't follow me there? I would think again. If I could recall how.

8. Joyneeds to be planted in full sun in well-drained soil.

~~So that's why I need to go to Baghdad!

9. Joy needs to heal the wounds from her past that are preventing...

~~Umm. If you must know the rest, Google it yourself. If you are over 18.

~~But I think it has more to do with that ubiquitous office.. His, mine and ours.

10. Joy needs a better understanding of the nature of evil.

~~Is that why I have such difficulty creating villains for my fiction?

11. Joy needs funding

~~Good Nannies are expensive!! So is travel to Baghdad. Not to mention, the 24/7 security detail needed to accompany me while there.

12. Joy Needs Prayer

~~Yes. Please. How else is someone so error prone, mistaken and memory deprived supposed to make it? Am I supposed to live on full sun and well-drained soil alone? I would pray, if I could recall how. And for what.

13. Joy Needs You!

~~To leave your comments and links.

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