Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Poetry Train #1

Implicate Order
by Joy Renee

We surf the waves of the virtual all,
Falling into the event horizon,
Tumbling within the quantum quandary,
Leap rejoicing upon the Dark Matter.
Where we encounter Implicate Order
Enfolded in chaos--complicit
Desire abounding in the boundary
Layer, bounding among the founding ways--
We supplicate the Imminent Mentor:
Ancient of Days daze us, amaze us with
Bold profligacy, craze us with cold fires.
Laze with us among the sounding waves.
String us along with electron thread.
Tether us with ether bonds. Set us
Spinning oblique courses. Attract us
Strangely with proton flux. Protract our
Longing with peek-a-boo awe. Seek us Strongly
With weak forces. Cradle us with ozone
Arms. Baptize us in stardust. Light the way
To our exodus. Claim us as Your song.

I wrote the first version of this in 1998 after reading a number of books on cosmology written by physicists or those who studied the work of physicists while I was concurrently reading books by Jung and by Joseph Campbell. Is it any wonder I tried to narrow the abyss between their world-views so that they could almost hear each other's whispers?


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