Monday, May 07, 2007

Protecting Against Internet Peeping Toms

EFF has some tips on securing your privacy while surfing. Especially while using any of the search engines.

I wish I'd know about this before I ended up in this fix. Following these tips might have protected me from the malware as well as from having all my activities online collected for analysis by the so-called legitimate or benign companies. I'm not sure anymore if any of it is benign even if they aren't outright malicious. A peeping tom may not ever do anything violent or damaging to person or property but the thought of them still give most sane people the willies.

I so loved the convenience and the personal touch of having the sites where I had accounts--like Blogger and Google--set up to recognize me on my laptop. But if that convenience had anything to do with opening the door to this invasion of malware that has stolen my bandwidth and virtual paging file space, ten days of my time and energy so far, and my innocent delight in the information garden, I suppose I will have to do without it.

Yet another garden invaded by worms!

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